WELCOME TO THE PIARDINO-PLANT INFORMATION LIBRARY. Immerse yourself into Piardino plant world. Read here about a wide range of plants. Let us support you with professional tips and tricks about plant care and experience your plant in a new way, just right for you!

Piardino - Plants are just right for me!

Robust and well assorted daily fresh plants of highest gardener quality - this is the Piardino by BAUHAUS. A wide range of excellent plants for indoors and outdoors is waiting for you. Whether for your living room or your garden, Piardino plants are just right for you. With the Piardino-APP you find out all you need to know about your new plant. Just scan the QR-Code of your plant and a detailed plant description as well as a large number of your Piardino-plant images and videos about plant and care instructions are available in no time.

On the Piardino-website/ plant database you can search for specific plants, which are made for your claims and ideas. The Piardino-plant doctor gives you tips in case you have problems with your plants. Experience plants in a new way. With Piardino by BAUHAUS.
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The Piardino-APP for your smartphone

Further contents of the Piardino-App are an interactive search, which allows you to search for certain plants by flower coloration, location requirements and growth behaviour. A plant doctor, providing you with advice in case you have problems with the Piardino-plant, is integrated as well. The feature „My Garden“, which allows saving all of your garden plants in one list, is just as integrated as the watering and fertilizing alarm, which reminds your of your garden care work to do automatically. But that is not all The highlight of the Piardino-APP is a 3-D-Garden Planner This tool allows you to design your own garden, terrace or living room using images of plants from the Piardino range. And entertainment is also guaranteed. You can check your botanical knowledge in Piardino-plant-quiz.

  • You need an APP, which knows over 10.000 plant species?
  • You need an APP, which provides you with detailed information and care instructions on every plant?
  • You need an APP, which reminds you on plant watering and fertilizing?
  • You need an APP, which shows you videos about plant and care instructions?
  • You need an APP, which helps to design your own garden?

This is the Piardino-APP by BAUHAUS This APP presents to you over 10.000 well assorted robust plants, just right for you! Every plant is presented in a unique and extensive manner. Journalistic articles as well as tips and tricks for garden design will be added to the Piardino plant portraits. Lots of videos demonstrate how to plant and take care of Piardino plants.